Map of criminal violations


Internet portal "Map of criminal violations" is implemented on the basis of para12-5 Article 6 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 510 dated December 22, 2003 "On the state legal statistics and special accounts" in order to inform citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the state of crime in some regions of the Republic and the country in general, characterize the criminal situation, and to provide baseline data in open formats. The source of information is a criminal offense information system "Unified Register of pre-trial investigations".

Aims of portal foundation

The main target audience of the portal - the citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, who are not specialists in the field of legal statistics. Information posted on the Portal can also be useful for non-governmental organizations, representatives of mass media and business, and public authorities. Providing automated access to open data portal will allow users and developers of information systems obtaining information for re-use, which will increase the transparency of statistical data to citizens, representatives of scientific institutions and public organizations